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  • Family PCS:
    Provided only by family members living in the home with the Individual who receives IDD services – used to assist with the acquisition, retention, and/or improvement of the areas of functionality.

  • Home-based PCS:
    Provided in the home or local community by a non-family member – used to assist with the acquisition, retention, and/or improvement of the areas of functionality.

  • Respite:
    Provide temporary substitute care normally provided by a family member, used for the relief of the primary caregiver, provided in-home or out-of-home.

  • Transportation:
    Provided to an Individual for trips to and from his/her home, day programs, community settings, or a planned activity.

  • Nursing:
    Registered Nurse who provides services within the scope of the WV Nurse Practice Act.

  • Facility Based Day Habilitation:
    A structured program that provides meaningful and productive activities designed to promote the acquisition of skills or maintenance of skills for an Individual outside his/her home.

  • Behavior Support Professional:
    Provided to an Individual with an assessed need, as identified on the annual functional assessment, for adaptive skills training.

  • Extended Professional Therapy:
    Provided to an Individual by a licensed/registered Dietician, licensed/certified Occupational Therapist, licensed Physical Therapist, or licensed Speech Pathologist.

Resources for Families

All of these are resources for Individuals on the IDDW program, IDDW wait list, or potential IDDW participants and their families to access.

WV I/DD Waiver Overview & Contact Information

WV I/DD Waiver Policy and Forms

WV I/DD Waiver Application PDF

WV I/DD Waiver Kepro Overview

WV I/DD BMS Policy Manuals

WV I/DD Waiver Manual PDF

Join this Awesome Team

Job Vacancies:

The following are mandatory items to be provided to the Service Station’s Human Resource Director when the potential new hire arrives for the interview process. Before an employee’s first day of orientation, these items MUST BE provided to the Human Resource Director or the new hired employee will not begin the orientation process.

The items are as follows:

  • Valid license/ID
  • Valid auto insurance and registration
  • Diploma
  • Valid CPR and CPI card (if you have)
  • Current auto inspection sticker details (month/year)
  • Sign a non-driving waiver form if needed


  • If you will not be transporting our individuals, you will not need to bring in information regarding auto registration, insurance, or inspection sticker. You will need to sign a non-driving waiver.
  • If you do not have a current CPR or CPI card, the classes will be provided during your training. After completion of the class and corresponding tests, you will receive a valid card for both CPR and CPI.
  • If you are not an office-based employee, you will not need a diploma.

Please download either version of the Service Station application. Complete the application in its entirety. An electronic signature is required for the application to be considered complete. Email completed applications to info@servicestationllc.com.